How it works

The Saving Lives Foundation is funded entirely through donations and sponsors. For each country in which the Foundation operates, donations received from those countries are kept separate. In principle, the donations received from a certain country are reinvested in AEDs in that same country. Naturally, if you wish your donation to be used in another country that is possible, it is your choice!

At the moment that enough money has been received to finance an AED, applications will be examined to determine which organisation within that country will benefit most from an AED. Organisations can register here to make an application.

Based on the applications and their corresponding motivations, the Saving Lives Foundation will make a choice as to who will receive the next AED. The brand and type of AED will depend upon the preference of the applicant and the environment in which it will be placed.

In order to help as many people as possible in the event of a cardiac arrest, an essential requirement is that the AED must be accessible 24 hours a day and as such, an outdoor cabinet to store the AED may also be necessary. This will enable the AED to be safely housed outside in a suitable outdoor cabinet.

Both the AED and the outdoor cabinet are made available free of charge by the Saving Lives Foundation. In this way we aim to help as many citizens as possible to save lives!