About the Saving Lives Foundation

The Saving Lives Foundation was founded in 2018 by Medisol, an independent supplier of AEDs and resuscitation equipment. Although the Foundation was created with help from Medisol, the Saving Lives Foundation operates entirely independent from Medisol.

In the background Medisol plays a powerful role in supporting the ambitions of the Saving Lives Foundation, but the ideology, concrete ideas, planning and implementation of the Saving Lives Foundation is completely independent of any other body.

The Board

The Board of the Foundation consists of Chairman Pieter Joziasse, Secretary Anne-Marieke Wieman, Treasurer Marinde Verhage-Matthijse and volunteers Agnes den Dunnen, Edwin Louwerse and Candy Johnson-Brown, who volunteer their time, together with the motivated and ambitious ambassadors that form the Advisory Committee, to support the goal of the Saving Lives Foundation.

Pieter Joziasse


Anne- Marieke Wieman


Marinde Verhage-Matthijse


Agnes Den Dunnen


Edwin Louwerse


Candy Johnson-Brown


Our goal is to make as many AEDs available to the widest possible audience so that as many lives as possible can be saved

Pieter Joziasse