Application form

Via the form below, you can submit your application to be eligible for an AED subsidised by the Saving Lives Foundation.

We are currently receiving a large number of applications.  Many entries however, contain only a brief explanation as a motivation. Our experience has shown that this is often not sufficient for the Assessment Committee to reach a positive decision.

Your entry will be assessed on various points such as:

  • Will the relevant AED be available to everyone 24 hours a day?
  • Extensive motivation for your application: why should the Saving Lives Foundation, from the many dozens of applications, honour your application?
  • How many people would have access to the AED?
  • Is the application urgent?
  • What is the current situation in the area of the intended AED: How many other AEDs are in the same area?
  • Are these publicly available or not?
  • Etc. etc.

The more extensive the answers to these questions, the better the Assessment Committee will be able to assess your application.
Please note that the Assessment Committee meets 4 times per year, so it could take some time before we can inform you about our decision.

Please fill in this form in English or in Dutch, thank you!