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First donation of 2023

Begin January the Saving Lives Foundation was able to make its first donation of 2023. Saving Lives Foundation-volunteer Liesbeth handed over our Defisign AED to HSV De Dobber.

HSV De Dobber is a fishing club located in Hardenberg. Not only do they facilitate legal fishing locations for their members, but they also regularly organize tournaments that attract a much larger and broader audience. Because the fishing venues are often in remote locations, it is even more important to be aware of where the closest AED is located. The Saving Lives Foundation also donated an outdoor cabinet. By keeping the AED outside in a cabinet it isn’t only kept in a protective environment to ensure the best performance, but it will also be accessible to residents. In this way a much larger group of people will benefit from our donation.

The Saving Lives Foundation was established to help companies and organisations such as HSV De Dobber to own a public AED. Thanks to the donations that are made to the saving Lives Foundation, we are able to work towards our goal. Namely, ensuring that by 2030 everyone will have access to an AED within 6 minutes. Because In case of cardiac arrest every second counts!

We are extremely happy that we were able to make another donation at the start of 2023. With your help we will be able to make a lot more donations in 2023. You can help by donating to the Saving Lives Foundation. Another way in which you can help us achieve our goal is by applying for your own subsidised AED. By doing so you will make a difference not only for yourself, but also for your environment.